Plastic carrier bags will not be allowed in Kenya

In a move praised by conservation groups and health organisations, Kenya has taken the lead in banning the use of plastic carrier bags and certain other plastic bags.  Included in the ban are the following items that travellers might carry:

  • Duty free carrier bags
  • General shopping bags
  • Bin liners (sometimes used to protect luggage during rain)
  • Dry cleaning bags (commonly wrapped around clothing)
  • Duty free carrier bags

Travellers arriving into Kenya via airports, sea ports or land borders will be required to leave any bags deemed to be on the banned list at the point of entry. Travellers will not be fined so long as they surrender any prohibited bags.

The following options are suitable replacements:

  • Paper bags
  • Durable “bag for life” bags
  • Bags made from cloth, woven grass or sisal
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Use of Drones in East Africa

The use of drones is not permitted in any park in East Africa. Doing so can lead to criminal charges leading to heavy fines and/or imprisonment.

Tanzania recently passed a law prohibiting the use of unmanned aircraft by anyone except the Tanzania military without the permission of the Civil Aviation Board. This means using them anywhere in Tanzania is a crime.