Vietnam holidays give you the opportunity of mixing the old with the new. The hotels are excellent with modern standards while there are many places worth visiting to see the old monuments and ways of life.

Vietnam stretches the length of the Indochinese Peninsula, shaped like an elongated “S”. China lies to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the west, and the South China Sea to the East.
Vietnam can be thought of as comprising three unique regions: North, Central, and South.

The North is known for its alpine peaks, the Red River Delta, the magnificent Halong Bay, and cultural and historic Hanoi. Central Vietnam is also home to many ethnic minorities, is characterized by high temperate plateaus rich in volcanic soil and by spectacular beaches, dunes, and lagoons. It is also the location of the ancient imperial city of Hue. In the South, visitors encounter modern life in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and the delta of the Mekong River.

Most visitors to Vietnam are overwhelmed by the beauty of the country’s natural setting: the Red River Delta in the north, the Mekong Delta in the south and almost the entire coastal strip are a patchwork of brilliant green rice paddies tended by women in traditional conical hats.

There are some stunning beaches along the coast, while inland there are magnificent temples and ancient buildings, definitely worth a visit. Vietnam also offers an opportunity to see a country of traditional charm and rare beauty, it truly is an outstanding travel destination not to be missed.

Vietnam is a country filled with captivating natural beauty and tranquil village life. The islands and beaches are among the finest in all of Southeast Asia, and the cuisine is possibly the most delicious you will ever taste.

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Vietnam in Style

Stay in some of the finest accommodations in the country as you explore this vast country in our 10 day / 9 night itinerary.  In Hanoi, you will see French influences all over the streets and admire the beautiful scene of Halong Bay on a boat ride.  In Central Vietnam, you will cruise along the Perfume River and venture in the forbidden city of Hue.  In Saigon, embark on an overnight cruise to the Mekong Delta where you can sample the culinary delights of the floating market in this Vietnam tour.   Prices from £2,885 per person excluding flights

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Highlights of Vietnam

Stretching over 3,200 kilometers in length with countless mountains, rivers, forests and beaches, Vietnam is one of Asia’s most diverse and fascinating countries. Capture the essence of Vietnam, from the vibrant waterways of the Mekong Delta to Hanoi’s intoxicating mix of old and new. See the main sites and historic vestiges, then go beyond the tourist trail to explore Tam Coc’s rugged beauty, the ancient My Son ruins and more over our 11 days / 10 nights itinerary.   Prices from £1,559 per person excluding international flights

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Explore Vietnam

See the iconic sites and natural wonders that define Vietnam over 13 days / 12 nights.  Travel from vibrant Hanoi into the highlands to discover terraced rice fields and hill tribes.  Get a history lesson in Hue, be charmed by Hoi An then wrap up the journey in bustling Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta.   Prices from £1,807 per person excluding international flights

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Flavours of Vietnam

Take a gastronomic adventure through Vietnam combined with visits to some of the interesting and historical sites of the country with this 10 day / 9 night itinerary.  Throughout you will have the chance to be immersed in the country’s culinary scene, sampling everything from tasty street food to gourmet fusion dishes.  Learn the secrets behind these mouth-watering morsels with visits to fresh markets and hands-on cooking classes.   Prices from £3,498 per person excluding international flights

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Vietnam – A Coastal Odyssey

Embark on a two-week odyssey along Vietnam’s spectacular coast. Begin in the north with a visit to vibrant Hanoi and a Halong Bay cruise. Venture southwards to historic Hue and Hoi An, relax on secluded beaches then wrap-up this epic journey in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta.

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Vietnam has a tropical monsoon type of climate; from May-Sep the south monsoon sets in, and the country is dominated by south to southeasterly winds. From Oct-April, the north monsoon is dominant with northerly to northeasterly winds affecting the country. There is a transition period between each monsoon season when winds are light and variable.

Vietnam has a single rainy season during the south monsoon (May-Sep). Rainfall is infrequent and light during the remainder of the year. Rainfall is abundant, with annual rainfall exceeding 1000mm almost everywhere.

For coastal areas and the parts of the central highlands facing northeast, the season of maximum rainfall is during the south monsoon, from Sep-Jan. The weather at this time is cloudy with frequent drizzle.
During the north monsoon, northern Vietnam has cloudy days with occasional light rain, while southern Vietnam tends to be dry and sunny.
Temperatures are high all year round for southern and central Vietnam; but northern Vietnam has a definite cooler season. Frost and some snow may occur on the highest mountains in the north for a few days a year. In the southern Vietnam, the lowlands are sheltered from outbreaks of colder northerly air and the dry season is warm to hot with much sunshine.

In Hanoi there are four distinct seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. But the climate is also able to be divided into two main seasons: the rainy season from May to September (hot, heavy rain), and the dry season from October to April (cold, little rainfall). The annual average temperature is 23.2oC, but in winter the average temperature is 17.2oC. The average summer temperature is 29.2oC. On average, there are 114 rainy days a year with around 1,800mm of rainfall.

In Ho Chi Minh City the climate is divided into two seasons, with the rainy season lasting from May to November. The average annual temperature is 27.5oC. Travel to here is convenient for all 12 months of the year.