The Kingdom of Thailand’s allure remains as strong as ever and our tours continue to charm visitors from around the world. For many it offers unforgettable and life changing experiences. Diverse in its offerings, expect extraordinary encounters, friendly locals and mesmerizing destinations steeped in a rich cultural history.

The Kingdom of Thailand is home to a varied range of exotic and exciting destinations ranging from the misty mountains of the north to secluded sandy beaches and emerald oceans of the south. An established metropolitan megacity, Bangkok sits centrally and blends the old with new as glittering temples, meandering canals and bustling markets merge with gleaming skyscrapers, fusion restaurants and luxury hotels. Chiang Mai has long been known as the ‘Rose of the North’, owing to its deep rooted cultural heritage. Located in a valley on the banks of the Ping River, the city is a subdued alternative to Bangkok and for many guests finds a special place in their heart. Thailand’s beaches deliver the idyllic characteristics often associated with a tropical paradise. Its southern coastline receives worldwide media attention, luring in visitors from all over to experience spectacular beaches in a welcoming and relaxed ambiance.

Each visitor to Thailand will undoubtedly foster their own unique memories to take home and cherish.

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Classic Thailand

Welcome to Thailand- a land of rich history, incredible culture, friendly people and some of the world’s best food.  Over 12 days / 11 nights see the country’s iconic sites and experience deep-rooted traditions while exploring Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the lands in-between.  Then travel south to Phuket to relax on the beach before flying home.   Prices from £2,151 per person excluding international flights

Thailand holiday

Explore Thailand

This adventure focuses in on northern Thailand over 13 days/ 12 nights, one of the Kingdom’s most magical regions.  After starting out in Bangkok, guests head north via the ancient capitals of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai.  Highlights in the north include the unspoiled beauty of Nan Province and cities such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.  Prices from £2,654 per person excluding international flights

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Romantic Thailand in Luxury

From north to south, indulge in the best that Thailand has to offer with this 14 days / 13 nights tour.  This luxury holiday is filled not only with stylish hotels and incredible meals but also with unique immersive excursions.  Go beyond the typical tourist sites and connect with the rich traditions of Thailand.  Prices from £6,358 per person excluding international flights


Thailand Rejuvenate Spirit

Invigorate the senses and rejuvenate the soul in Thailand.  Indulge at the country’s best spas, undergoing traditional and modern treatments to refresh tired muscles.  Take this 12 days / 11 night tour to delve into Thailand’s rich spiritual traditions to renew the spirit and dine on organic, fresh meals to replenish the body.   Prices from £5,155 per person excluding international flights

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Beach Resorts

Should you wish to go straight to the beach and not tour there are so many options so do give us a call or email to set out your requirements and we will be very pleased to provide you with some ideas and a price.

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Call +44 (0)1255 446250 to discuss your own requirements for an  itinerary or Email

Thailand is a tropical nation. With rare exceptions in the far north, Thailand is hot year-round. April is the hottest month while December is the coldest and September is the wettest.