Cambodia has one of the richest cultures in Asia, the capital Phnom Penh, which is the largest city with a population of about one million, has been described as the most stunning of the former Colonial cities in Indochina. A number of fascinating pagodas and temples are dotted throughout the city with the Royal Palace dominating the centre. Phnom penh’s large, wide ,tree-lined streets make travelling around easy and enjoyable. Nestled between rice paddies, Siem Reap is a small charming town providing access to one of the most important cultural sites in the world; Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world. Designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO Angkor encompasses dozens of unspoilt temple ruins.

Cambodia’s two dominant features are the Mekong River, which many visitors enjoy an express boat trip along, and the lengthy coastline, which draws visitors on the lookout for isolated tropical beaches. Perhaps the country’s best feature though, is its people, Cambodia has suffered beyond imagination in the last 50 years: War and genocide have left deep scars on the country and its people, but visitors are always surprised and charmed by the optimism and warmth of Cambodian people.

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Classic Cambodia

Over 12 days / 11 nights visit the world famous Angkor Watt, explore the ancient history of Cambodia in the area of Siem Reap and the capital city of Phnom Penh once considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Orient.  Also included will be visits to rural communities in Cambodia.  Finally end your holiday enjoying the beautiful coast of Cambodia with its lovely beaches and rivers to explore.  Throughout there are visits to markets and opportunities to enjoy creative local cuisine.

Price from £2,105 per person not including international flights

Explore Cambodia in Luxury

Experience the sophisticated Cambodia. Expert-led cultural tours are punctuated by exclusive, indulgent experiences that embrace the country’s rich heritage and showcase its natural landscapes. Soar over the Angkor temples by helicopter, explore Angkor with a famous photographer, enjoy a private temple-side dinner, explore the waterways of Cambodia aboard ‘Aqua Mekong’, an elegant ship built for the discerning traveller and bask in the sun on a quiet, tropical island while staying at a lush seaside villa and more!
10 Days / 9 Night itinerary

Romantic Cambodia

Cambodia is a magical backdrop for a romantic holiday over 11 days / 10 nights.  Take exclusive tours through Angkor’s temples and connect with rural ways of life in the countryside.  Be blessed by monks and relax on pristine tropical beaches.  Extra touches along the way ensure this romantic getaway is the ultimate couple’s experience.  Dining at acclaimed restaurants and sleeping at luxury hotels adds a touch of indulgence to this Cambodia holiday.

Price from £2,352 per person excluding international flights

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The Wet Season in Cambodia season comes courtesy of the southwest monsoon which blows from May to October, bringing with it some 75% of Cambodia’s annual rainfall and during the peak of wet season from July to September it can rain as much as two out of every three days. However, the rainy days are usually just a few hours of heavy downpour and not all-day rain, although the latter do occur.

From a more cheerful perspective, monsoonal Cambodia is also a beautiful country to travel around in. The roads are not dusty and the lush greenery of the country returns. Angkor Wat in particular can be stunning during the wet season — the murals have a more unique appearance and feel. Observing Angkor Wat with a lightning storm as a backdrop is an electrifying experience. There are also fewer tourists going about in the country, so if you prefer to dodge the crowds, wet season can be a good time to visit.

Regionally, the Cardamom Mountains get the heaviest rain in the country, while the entire coastline gets rough seas and a lot of rain.

The Dry Season runs from October to April, when the dusty northeast monsoon arrives.  While November and January are quite cool (high C20s) by April, the weather can be scorching and very dry. Characterised by heat and dust, this season coincides with Cambodia’s peak tourist season when travellers arrive in their droves between November and January to take advantage of the lack of rain, enjoy the sun and the relatively cooler months.

Cambodia’s beach strips at Kep, Sihanoukville and Ko Kong bask in brilliant sunshine with clear calm waters  and if you’re a beach person, dry season is the best time for you.